Bosch Power Tools Enters Drywall Category

Bosch Power Tools has announced the launch of a new tool category, drywall, with the GTB18V-45 18V Brushless 1/4-inch Hex Screwgun and GCU18V-30 18V Brushless Cut-Out Tool. The tools include the technology for precise performance in an ergonomic design for convenience and comfort. The GTB18V-45 18V includes variable speed for controlled operating speed and the GCU18V30 18V includes soft-start technology to reduce start up torque – both include brushless motor technology to provide the power user and get the job done when working with and cutting through drywall. They are designed for efficiency that brings the power of a corded product, without the cord.

"We are excited to break into the drywall category with two new tools, created to elevate the workers' user experience across drywall projects. The GTB18V-45 screw gun's well-balanced design allows users to operate it comfortably between thumb and index finger, while the GCU18V-30 cut-out tool features an ergonomic slim-grip designed to provide comfort when holding the product," said Corey Hinkel, product manager for Bosch Power Tools. "These tools, along with others on Bosch's growing 18V platform are designed to tackle industry issues head-on and prioritise the worker's needs through ease-of-use and saving time."