Bostik adhesives provided repair kit for Transat Jacques Vabres multi-day yacht race

Bostik adhesives has revealed that it provided vital repair solutions in the Transat Jacques Vabres multi-day yacht race by supplying all 79 teams with a repair kit. The kit includes solutions from its Born2Bond Engineering Adhesives range.

The Repair Kit, is used in the event of any equipment failure, delivering a more sustainable maintenance approach than replacing entire parts. The kit provides the required range of fast, instant, and primer-free structural adhesives, sealants and lubricants, with anti-corrosive and hydrophobic qualities suitable for underwater and minute-size applications.

Arkema, Bostik’s parent company, is the headline sponsor of the Arkema 4 Ocean Fifty trimaran, one of the yachts competing in the TJV race. It also has an exhibition stand in the event village, focusing on ‘Energy, Sport and Preservation of Resources’.

On the stand and during the race, the Bostik team has been demonstrating how Lalou Roucayrol (Arkema 4 co-skipper and ship owner) and his team use the Engineering Adhesives to maintain and repair the yacht – as well as in the construction of the yacht itself.

Quentin Vlamynck, skipper of Arkema 4, said: "In the 2017 Mini Transat, thanks to SAF glue, I was able to reattach the keel padeye that had torn off and gone through the deck, thus guaranteeing the water tightness.”

Lalou Roucayrol added: "On the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre, the front of the central hull cracked following an impact. A significant water leak in the boat forced me to pump out more than a hundred litres without managing to dry it out completely. I was able to make a makeshift repair by gluing a flexible plate on the hull with Bostik SAF methacrylate glues. This experience shows the feasibility of a repair at sea.”

Polivio Goncalves, Head of Engineering Adhesives, said: “What the Arkema Sailing team has achieved is outstanding and testament to their experience, determination and abilities.

“It has also been a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Engineering Adhesives’ capabilities and wide-ranging MRO applications, which have been very well-received. Bostik Born2Bond™ solutions within our Repair Kit maintain strength underwater, and the low-odour solutions, including our White Label Anaerobic Adhesives are also incredibly safe to use, with no hazardous or toxic ingredients,” he added.

“Also a significant advantage, using Bostik’s ultra-high-performance methacrylate adhesives, as opposed to mechanical fastenings, the team has been able to save more than 10 kgs in weight.

The Repair Kit includes MMA SAF 30-5, MMA SAF 30-15, Born2Bond™ Repair, Born2Bond™ Ultra Gel, Bostik Born2Bond™ 6-in-1 Lubricant,  MS9 Superbond, MSR Construction Adhesives and Elium® Composite Patches.

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