BHETA host 'How to Stay Competitive on Amazon' webinar

The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) hosted a series of webinars with a selection of its business service providers, including a particularly well-attended session on trading with Amazon.

Entitled ‘How to Stay Competitive on Amazon: Key insights and strategies for Sellers & Vendors’, the webinar was presented by Amazon specialist agency, RT7 Digital.  Starting with the latest statistics and projections for ecommerce sales, RT7 Digital also made the point that Amazon is not just about selling.   66% of product searches now start there as opposed to Google and 79% of all ecommerce sales featuring Amazon as part of the journey, even if just for research, so it is a key communication channel.

The presentation took members through the key considerations for starting to work with Amazon such as fulfilment, pricing, resellers and restrictions – before detailing the key steps for success.  The webinar provided examples of well-optimised content, before moving on to Amazon advertising, brand defence and conquest.  RT7 Digital also walked delegates through the timings they can expect in setting up with Amazon, and the implications of Brexit for Amazon sellers.

Steve Richardson, BHETA’s marketing manager said: “This was an informative session, which will have been of immense help to BHETA members whatever their relationship with Amazon.  Business support is a key benefit of BHETA membership, especially in these changing times, so it’s great that BHETA has so many business support providers with high levels of expertise and practical delivery.”

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