CASE STUDY: Wholesaler Deligo & OGL Software on ERP and e-commerce

Growth is always welcome, but it can challenge the existing infrastructure of businesses. Where is all that extra stock going to be stored? How are you going to stay on top of all those new orders? How does ERP and e-commerce fit in? Expansion for Deligo – a wholesaler in fixings, fasteners and accessories for electrical wholesalers - meant the business had to decide how it could accommodate increased trade. Enter OGL Software...

Deligo partnered with OGL in 2016 when it was looking for a software solution to replace its existing Sage system, which it had outgrown. With plans to acquire new business and continue to grow, Deligo needed an ERP system that it could rely on and would support the firm as it expanded.

“We had to do so many tasks outside the Sage system, that we spent too much time manually completing processes,” the firm said. “OGL Software is great because it connects all areas of the business together and we know it will continually grow with us.”

Creating an online presence was an important decision for Deligo as it was keen to offer an accessible e-Commerce store and self-service customer portal to stay competitive. “The main reason we created an e-Commerce website was because OGL could integrate the website with the software system, which is important when we deal with large businesses who have accounts with us, and they need to view invoices as well as place orders.”

The integrated e-Commerce store expanded Deligo’s routes to market, but primarily it allowed them to offer an enhanced customer service.

“We launched the website in January and by May we were doing about 5% of our sales on there. Instead of pushing for increased sales, we focused on the customer portal feature and  our sales went up from 5% to 7%. We did £55,000 that month, which was £20,000 up from simply pushing the accounts functionality, which in turn boosted sales.

“Customers can go in to get a copy of their invoice and they’ll see products that they didn’t know we sold, that they’ll go and add to their basket. When customers go through the website, they often buy related products and up their average order value as they can browse everything we offer. The website is the perfect way to showcase our products, much like our catalogue, but easier to update and more accessible.”

To remain competitive, distributors are increasingly looking to sell online. OGL says: “If you’re looking to go digital with your sales, ensure you have business software that can integrate with your e-Commerce site for ultimate efficiency and scalability and to future-proof your business.”

A recent survey from OGL found that wholesaler profitability was being held back by inadequate technology.