Stahlwille claims manual torque tool topspot in World Market Leader Index

Stahlwille has been named the world market leader for manually operated tools for torque applications by the World Market Leader Index.

In the current Index, the company is listed as one of 450 that meet all the criteria. The selection and evaluation of candidates has been carried out since 2015 under the scientific direction of Prof Dr Christof Müller from the University of St. Gallen. Due to its transparent and objective selection process, this index is widely recognised across many industries.

Stahlwille was listed in the World Market Leader Index for the first time in 2019, as a "Future Champion", meaning that it was a company on the verge of market leadership in its field. With its considerable production diversity, the company is established as a producer of classic handtools and is considered a pioneer in torque technology, it said.

A crucial topic in product development is the ability to network products with the digital world. Controlled fastener tightening and integration in IT environments are becoming increasingly important, while state-of-the-art materials demand finely controlled application of forces. Complex assembly processes require intelligent worker guidance and seamless logging capabilities. The solutions developed at Stahlwille tackle these fields, with examples of such applications found in railway engineering, special vehicle construction, drive technology and aviation.

"Our company history stretching back over 150 years has taught us how important it is always to keep a watchful eye on the future," said Stahlwille Chief Sales Officer, Udo Hehemann.

"Identifying a need in the market and developing solutions to meet customers' current needs on that basis has always been a key reason for our company's success. What we do is rethink traditional ways of doing things and implement new strategies to maintain a satisfied customer base and continue to be successful in the long run."

Details remain key – including torque wrenches that do not require a compression spring and therefore do not need to be reset to "0", for example. "And with our DAPTIQ portfolio, we have introduced the first solutions that enable our customers to reap the benefits of properly implemented computerisation."

In the field of torque tools and to enable assets to be checked for completeness, Stahlwille already offers products and systems that can significantly and sustainably improve efficiency, quality and process dependability.

Stahlwille picked up Gold in the German Design Award 2020 for its electromechanical Torsiotronic torque screwdriver, thanks to its ‘functionality and its ergonomic and innovative concept’.

About the World Market Leader Index

The selection of candidates has been carried out since 2015 under the scientific direction of Prof Dr Christof Müller from the HBM School of Management at the University of St. Gallen. The criteria, the assessment results and the entire index are available to the public:

  • (Owner) management with at least 50% of headquarters in the DACH region
  • World market: activity on at least three of the six continents with in-house production and/or distribution companies or export activity
  • Annual turnover in millions of euros: at least EUR 50 m
  • Market leader: No. 1 or No. 2 in the relevant world market (segment)
  • Export share/foreign share of turnover: at least 50% of the turnover.

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