SPOTLIGHT: Stahlwille - one of the world's longest established torque tool specialists

SPOTLIGHT: One year away from its 160th anniversary, Stahlwille is one of the longest established torque and tool specialists in the world, still at the cutting edge of the torque field…

Producing high quality and well thought out products has been the name of the game ever since Mr Eduard Wille established Stahlwille at the sprightly age of 25, back in 1862. Nowadays, Stahlwille’s uncompromising quest for quality has seen it become a globally recognised specialist in torque technology, tool storage and hand tool manufacturing.


The inception of Industry 4.0 has been pivotal for production lines and increasingly for the world of construction too. Established in recent years, Stahlwille’s DAPTIQ brand highlights its networkable tools for Industry 4.0, offering product solutions which can be integrated into customer systems and into production
processes for maximum efficiency and process security, not least error proofing.


Modern times have also seen this long‐established tool specialist acquire some choice companies, expanding expertise and strength in depth. Notable buy outs have included (in 2001) VBW Werkzeugfabrik GmbH (a 200 year old quality plier manufacturer) and ALARM Werkzeuge GmbH (a business concentrating on sanitary, heating, electrical and building trades). 2015 saw Stahlwille look further afield and it bought Californian company Jetco Torque Tools, a specialist in torque and testing technology.

Merging under the umbrella of the Stahlwille Group, the companies all have a passion for tools and for serving their customers. Each of the four subsidiaries of the STAHLWILLE Group – SWM, VBW, JetCo and Alarm – has its own identity and its own core competency. Each is well established in its market segment and has a loyal customer base. Together the four represent a formidable wealth of experience and expertise.


Over the years, Stahlwille has served a variety of industries, including vehicle construction and shipbuilding, through to ever more demanding and exacting sectors, including aviation, transport and energy. Breaking new ground, Stahlwille has continued to develop more innovative (and intelligent) torque technology
and tool systems, high‐quality screwing tools as well as individual solutions for tool storage.

Stahlwille is no stranger to product design awards – like its 2020 Gold German Design Award for its unique Torsiotronic electromechanical torque screwdriver, which gives users audible and tactile signals – the unmistakable ‘click and slip’ stop signal – once the pre‐set torque has been reached. Even more recently, Stahlwille was named the world market leader for manually operated tools for torque applications by the World Market Leader Index.

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