Ever thought about selling fasteners or tools on TikTok Shop?

While the answer to the question - have you ever considered selling fasteners or tools via TikTok Shop? - may well be a resounding 'no', there is sense in staying abreast of new online shopping trends and their potential impact on more traditional sales exchanges.

BHETA members recently had the chance to attend a supplier webinar for companies eager to find out about the opportunities available via TikTok Shop and presenter, Robert Taylor, Key Account Lead at TikTok Shop – Home, Electronics, Books was reportedly overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from association members attending.

Entitled ‘Redefine your Social Commerce with TikTok Shop’, the enlightening webinar discussing the disruptive force of social commerce within the ecommerce landscape and provided insights into how TikTok Shop is reshaping customer shopping habits, helping brands win new customers, and leveraging a vast global network of affiliates.

Afterwards Robert commented: “Today TikTok Shop had the great opportunity to speak to BHETA members on all things relating #TikTokShop and #SocialCommerce. We walked through the proposition and the knowhow required to make involvement successful. I can’t wait to see such amazing brands at #exclusively this year and sign-up new partners.”

The webinar included real-world examples, illustrating the power of TikTok Shop in generating viral moments and establishing a robust new sales channel for prominent brands in the housewares sector.

BHETA Marketing Director, Stephen Richardson, said: "Many BHETA members are surprising themselves with sales on TikTokShop with products that they maybe didn't expect to be that suitable for the channel. I'd encourage all our members to watch the webinar and consider the opportunity.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to Rob for his time and expertise. At ninety minutes, probably the longest session we have ever done, but the content deserved it. If any member missed the webinar, please contact the member services team for a link to watch on ‘catch up’.

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