pgb-Europe: Responding to demand

Pgb‐Europe is a good example of how an efficient supply chain develops into a sales argument. The specialist in fasteners and fixings is armed with a robotised pallet warehouse and a new ERP and WMS system for the future.

Vincent Pennoit, Logistics Manager, says: “We gained in efficiency, respond to the demand for traceability and optimised our delivery times. These are assets that our customers appreciate.”

Since 1956, pgb‐Europe has developed from a local player into a reputed international business. The head office in Melle, near Ghent, functions as a logistics center for the storage and delivery of fasteners and tools. Its own production units are located in Poland (anchors) and Vietnam (wood screws). The sales market from Melle is mainly located in Belgium and
neighbouring countries. With Frederik and Vincent Pennoit and Johannes Heye, the third generation is active within the company. pgb‐Europe settled in Melle in 1997.

In preparation for the future, pgb‐Europe has already gone through several expansion phases. Among other things, a new WMS and ERP system lay the foundation for a streamlined future. In addition, work has been carried out on the construction of a new 5,000 m2 high‐bay warehouse, bringing the total to 28,000 pallet locations. pgb‐Europe continues to critically analyse its own logical workflows and there is a strong focus on
digitisation with new system‐to‐system connections such as EDI, scanning and e‐invoicing.

pgb‐Europe sees the supply chain as an important asset for its customers. “We do not aspire to be the cheapest, but offer our customers optimum quality, a beautiful appearance on the shop shelf, convenient ordering modes and fast delivery – at a correct price. Our base contributes to the image of the company. The customers notice that we do everything we can to serve them optimally and they appreciate that,” adds Pennoit.

pgb‐Europe is not resting on its laurels even after its extensive transformation trajectory. The company is now working on the digitisation and automation of its Polish site, pgb‐Polska.

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