The Netherlands fasteners market, ETAs and rail fasteners in the latest Torque Magazine

The latest edition of Torque Magazine has been arriving with fastener, tool and related businesses and is now also available to read online.

A detailed look at the Benelux fastener market takes in views and profiles of key businesses, including Stafa, Eurofast, Dejond, Kobout, Don Quichotte, PGB and Zircon.

Rail Fasteners is another focus area this issue, with insights in the supply chain and expert information from the likes of Doerken and Norbar.

Our ETA feature brings together product and service updates from JCP, Stafa, and pgb-Europe, in our regular Building & Construction section.

Italian bolt and screw wholesaler Ambrovit provides its take on the recent disruptive few months, as well as additions to its product ranges and services.

Krause, Knipex, Gedore and the highly innovative CAS take part in our Tools Made in Germany special, with observations on trends and merchant/distributor support.

Apex Stainless Fasteners takes us through how BUMAX has helped develop its one-stop-shop status.

R + FK Schulte, ND Industries, Gude, Bollhoff, Heico and Owlett Jaton feature in our focus on Nuts, washers and locking systems. 

This month's Business Barometer looks at the DIY and power tool boom of the lockdown period, with stats from Manomano and candid opinions from BS Fixings.

There is more analysis, news, interviews and opinion within the pages of the mag. So whether you’re reading this from a socially distanced office, or while wearing PPE on a trade counter, or while working from home, you can access all that and more online for free, now.

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