pgb-Europe introduces new insulation plug range

pgb-Europe has unveiled its new insulation plug range under its own SMART brand, for a range of applications.

The SMART range offers economical, energy-efficient and safe fixings for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) for all building materials.

Starting with the S-IPT 8/p, this fixing is screw-in which is strongly recommended for thick insulations, and can take the form of a reinforced synthetic screw with a double expansion zone of 35mm and 65mm for optimal hold and flexibility in all materials, while the solid 60mm disc ensures perfect fitting with the insulation material and offers high resistance.

The S-IPT 8/s metal screw with a plastic cap has the same dimensions, and Push-through installation. The plug will expand when the screw is screwed-in, with non-bearing layers, such as adhesive and/or old render and plaster, must be included in the anchor’s useful length.

The new S-IPH 10 is a hammered-in fixing with good pullout resistance and a very short installation time, according to pgb. The S-IPH comes in two forms; a reinforced plastic nail (S-IPH 10/p) which reduces the heat transmission and to prevent marks on the plaster surface. It is simply hammered-in for quick installation, while the special disc profile allows optimal adhesion of plaster and low anchorage depth reduces the drilling depth

The S-IPH 10/s is the metal version of the nail with a synthetic head and reinforced plastic cover cap to reduce the heat transmission and prevent marks, featuring similar dimensions and installation processes as the S-IPH 10/p.

Also featured in the range is the STY anchor, a special threaded insulation plug to fix light things to external insulation. This anchor has a coarse thread  which taps itself in to the material and is ideal for fixing lightweight objects in to plastered and non-plastered insulating boards.

Included are accessories such as special insulation discs for soft insulation, like mineral wool, which make the SMART insulation plugs suitable for all jobs. Other accessories include insulation plates and washers.

The brochure containing the full dimensions, specifications and functions of the new range, can be found here.

Torque visited pgb-Europe at the firm's headquarters in Belgium this week, to find out about the new changes and investments pgb has made over the last few years. Look out for pgb-Europe in the next print edition of Torque magazine, available in June.