Fastener Manufacturing: HEICO locked onto innovation

With investments in production in Germany, its own automated packaging line and new products, HEICO Group’s global customer base and product range is increasing alike...

HEICO, perhaps best known for its wedge lock washers, has been in the high-class fastening solutions business for well over a century.

Over time, the group has accrued increasing global sales and the company now owns offices in 12 countries, exporting to a whopping 80 countries. Particularly  focused on long-term sales partnerships, HEICO has made several key investments in recent years, not least in the expansion of its own production capabilities in Germany. Other important recent developments include the introduction of a fully automated packaging line.

When HEICO talks about high-class fastening solutions, there is understandably a keen focus on quality. Meeting and exceeding the exacting quality requirements of customers means HEICO’s highly capable test laboratory is capable of a wide range of testing services, including:

  • Experimental testing of locking characteristics according to DIN 25201-4 annex B, DIN 65151 and ISO 16130
  • Calculation of friction coefficients, for example according toDIN EN ISO 16047
  • Customer-specific tests and test reports
  • Technical support in the dimensioning of bolts according to VDI 2230 sheet 1
  • And of course training and in-house seminars

Experience, depth of stock, innovation

Thanks to customer proximity, HEICO offers a prompt service, while considerable stocks mean there is excellent availability and short-term delivery, all backed by professional technical advice and the aforementioned quality lab in support. That considerable knowledge and extensive experience is also channelled into producing customer-specific solutions for increased and specific requirements (like corrosion resistance, for example).

Depth of stocks mean the popular HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock washers are available at short notice, from M3 to M72, and innovative alternative products like HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Nuts and HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers are in strong demand.

And while HEICO has been in the fastening solutions business since 1900, the manufacturer has a dynamic, young team looking to innovate. The medium-sized, growing company tells Torque Magazine that it has many ideas for the future and is always keen to work on new products for customers seeking solutions to their challenges.

Find out more through the official HEICO site here

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