Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019 preview: pgb-Europe, Rivit, SWG Production, VIPA, Stafa, Peter Schröder, CONDAT & Reinhardt

This March, Messe Stuttgart will play host to the eighth Fastener Fair Stuttgart. If you’re planning a trip, here’s the fourth part of our guide to some of the must-see stands and products at this year’s show…

Hall 1, Stand 836

pgb-Europe tells us it lives and breathes fasteners and fixings and will prominently present at Fastener Fair Stuttgart, from stand 836 (hall 1). The family-owned Belgian company is a leading manufacturer and supplier in structural steel fasteners, wood screws and anchors.

The core business is the distribution of fastener materials. The product range consists of more than 50,000 products: from bolts and nuts to professional wood screws, cutting edge anchors to tools and drill accessories. Besides this, pgb daily works on customised solutions and special engineered products on customer’s request. pgb’s own factory plants in Poland (anchors) and Vietnam (wood screws) produce products of the highest quality according to European Regulations.

So, what’s new? pgb has an enlarged product range of SB bolts (EN 15048), HV (EN 14399-4) and HR assemblies (EN 14399-3). Audited and certified by TÜV Germany, it offers the highest quality bolt assemblies directly from stock.

Hapax wood screws are a range of innovative professional universal wood screws and timber construction screws (patented design). Thanks to its special drill point and optimised geometry, the screw is inserted in the wood with less effort. This results in split-free mounting, even close to the edge. Moreover, it reduces stress on the wrist and improves the user ergonomics during installation. The special BlueTop coating enlarges the corrosion resistance by 10-fold, compared with conventional zinc plating.

For insulation fixings: SMART offers economical, energy-efficient and safe fixings for ETICS for all building materials. The innovative S-IPT 8 is a screwed-in fixing, which is strongly recommended for thick insulations.

pgb-Europe’s new robot-controlled pallet warehouse has given pgb-Europe 28,000 new pallet places available of which 13,000 in the automated pallet warehouse and 60,000 storage bins of which 40,000 in the mini load and 20,000 on shelving. Finally, a new e-shop makes simple work of finding pgb products and documentation on both PC, tablet and/or smartphone.

Hall 3, Stand 1702

Rivit Srl is a leading Italian company for the production and distribution of fastening systems and tools, for sheet metal working and assembly.

Established in 1973, Rivit developed a wide range of products for fasteners for the industry world (including blind rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, welding studs, blind bolts, latches, cage nuts, clamps, steel screws, stainless steel screws and plastic screws) and related tools for their installation (tools for blind rivets and for rivet nuts, presses, welding machines and tools for blind bolts).

Rivit is well-rooted in the domestic and international markets, where it operates in over 55 countries. Evolution and technological innovation play a key role at Rivit, but the direct relationship with customers is crucial, with the company fully focusing on satisfying customer needs.

The comprehensive range of fasteners from Rivit includes: Blind rivets, which allow for blind fastening, working from one side only. Produced in several lengths and diameters, standard or structural type; they are available with dome, large, countersunk head and they can be made in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cooper, for every kind of application. Rivet nuts can self produce threading on pre-drilled sheet metals that cannot be reached from the back. Their use does not damage or deform materials subject to surface treatment. They are available in stainless steel, steel, aluminum; they can have dome head, countersunk head or reduced head from M3 to M16 with cylindrical or hexagonal, open or blind shank. Self-clinching are quick and safe fastening systems, respond to assembly problems on laminates, boxed and thin sheets.

Each range of fastener includes relevant tools for their application, such as tools for rivets and presses.

SWG Production
Hall 1, Stand 746

SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH – Business Unit Production – has focused on terrace screws for various applications. While continually launching further innovations into the fastener market, SWG improved the current (and already very successful) terrace screw.

For applications with very hard wooden boards, the terrace screw – with its reinforced shank and an enhanced drill tip – has been the number one choice for numerous customers for years. The drill tip ensures a precise positioning of the screw, no splitting and short edge distances. Due to the grooved shank, the terrace screw has additional strength for the hardwood sector. The grooved shank collects existing wood fibres and preventing movements of the boards and any disturbing “cracking sounds”. And there’s an aesthetically pleasing finish thanks to a small countersunk head with milling pockets.

One further development of the stainless steel terrace screw is the new “Vintage look”. In a special heating process the screw gets a dark brown colour. The unique process changes the surface of the screw and the result is a durable colour which cannot be damaged by the application and transport. The “Vintage look” terrace screw matches perfect with dark wooden boards, for example terraces made of tropical wood. Besides the terrace decking, there are also other types of stainless steel screws with the vintage look available, which can be used for fixing facades and many
other applications.

Hall 1, Stand 1404

VIPA is currently constructing its third highbay automated warehouse, increasing its storage capacity to 150,000 spaces in total; it can supply over 65,000 different products including different sizes, coatings and materials. VIPA moved to its current head office in Italy in 2001 and began with one high-bay warehouse, which is 135m long and 35m high but included only five aisles. By 2007, the company added a second high-bay warehouse adding an extra seven automated aisles, all 12 aisles across both warehouses working in synchronisation to deliver the final orders.

In 2018, VIPA has added a third warehouse with the same dimensions which increases its storage capacity by 25%. It is synchronised with the other two warehouses, but it differs in the fact it is fully automated. The introduction of the new warehouse means that Vipa has a totally automated 24hrs system; the machines will be operational around the clock.

The new high-bay automated warehouse is due to be completed and fully operational by June 2019. In addition to its head office in Italy, Vipa has five branches in Spain, France, Germany, China and the task office in Czech Republic.

The company is also quality certified and is a producer for structural bolts according to EN 15048:2007 standards. The SB screw is supplied with CE Marking. Another important rane in construction is the HV kits according to EN 14399.

Stafa Group
Hall 1, Stand 736

For more than 41 years, Stafa has been a name for reliable and trusted partnerships, with the group offering answers and advice to any question in the wide field of fasteners, with the highest level of flexibility and quality, with both a business and personal approach.

The experts of Stafa Trading, Stafa Industry, Stafa Special Parts, Stafa Assembly and Stafa Direct are unified under the robust umbrella of Stafa Group. Whether efficiently taking care of your logistics for fasteners, delivering a complete package of premium quality standard fasteners and special components, manufacturing according to customer specification, ensuring the best  packaging method or arranging your imports with the best conditions, customers are guaranteed quality and service, Stafa says.

“This is actually the power of our connection. A connection that we as Stafa Group share with one another, with our suppliers, with the worldwide market and in particular with you. So
let’s connect on our stand at the Fastener Fair Stuttgart”

Peter Schröder
Hall 1, Stand 412

For more than 45 years, Peter Schröder has been striving to meet the needs of its customers from the fields of mechanical enginering, the oil industry, electrical engineering, electronics and medical technology. Inch sized fasteners are available from the firm, with American and English standards that are similar to DIN/ISO. They are immediately available from stock or can be supplied at short notice. Furthermore, the firm can supply special items according to drawing or pattern.

Hall 3, Stand 2450

At Stuttgart, CONDAT will exhibit a range of lubricants dedicated to cold heading processes. Dedicated solutions include soaps for skin-pass or wire drawing operations before cold heading, multi-purpose forming oils, heavy duty forming lubricants, extreme pressure neat cutting oils for thread rolling and tapping and also quenching oils and polymers.

CONDAT offers technical solutions that reduce their impact on the workplace and environment. The evolution of cold stamping machines and the growing expertise of subcontractors make it possible today to produce more and more complex and large pieces. Section reductions greater than 70% become common, generating enormous pressure on tools (punches and dies).  EXTRUGLISS GREEN's vegetable-based cold-heading oils meet these technical requirements while increasing the OEE (efficiency of your machine) and reducing tooling budgets. Highly efficient and more respectful of the operator's working environment, EXTRUGLISS GREEN is a 2-in-1 oil that provides superior lubrication to the machine mechanisms and the tools side.

Reinhardt GmbH
Hall 5, Stand 2904

Reinhardt is among the global market leaders for dip spin coating equipment and offers two different dip spin technologies for bulk materials complete with the necessary oven technology.

Reinhardt’s industrial coating devices for dip materials includes machines with capacities for loads up to 6,000kg/h. Offering standard machines as well as flexible systems, Reinhardt’s machine concepts can handle multiple  coating processes consecutively, with optimal batch separation (which saves time and is gentle on the material being coated). In fact, Reinhardt can cover almost every possible scenario when it comes to dip coating. Explore your options on Reinhardt’s site, or at Stuttgart.

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