Decking Screws: SWG Production, ESSVE & Optimaxx

With decking season upon us, we look at some of the options available to the market


SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH – Business Unit Production, focuses on the uses of terrace screws in very hard woods. A reinforced solution with an enhanced drill tip was specially developed for this application area. The drill tip ensures a precise positioning of the screw and short edge distances. Due to the designed grooved shank, the terrace screw has additional strength for the hardwood sector. The grooved shank collects existing wood fibers and preventing movements of the boards and any disturbing “cracking sounds”. Thanks to a small countersunk head with milling pockets, a final and visually appealing finish is provided. Any remaining chips are repeatedly collected and captured. The hardwood terrace screw from SWG Production is therefore the ideal fastener for connecting decking boards, of course “Made in Waldenburg, Germany”.


The Hidden Decking System (HDS) from Essve is a system created for concealed installations in decking timber. The system consists of an installation tool and the HDS Decking Screw A4. The screw is installed in the side of the decking board with the help of a specially designed bit and installation tool. The legs of the installation tool are clamped over the decking board during installation to create a space between each decking board. However, it is important the user follow the timber supplier’s installation instruction in terms of joist spacing and distance between each decking board. Using the HDS system for decking will create a beautiful result without any visible screws, says ESSVE.


Optimaxx’s High Performance Decking Screw (4.5x65) features an all-important 20 year anti-corrosion guarantee, thanks to Maxxtext coating. The screws themselves feature 12 self-countersinking grooves for a clean, flush finish, while the reduced diameter head fits within the grooves preventing damage to the profile. The razor sharp point gives an immediate, precise start while the top threads securely clamp boards to the joist.

One of Optimaxx’s newer offerings is the squeak-busting T&G-Maxx (3.5x45), with a countersunk Torx TX10 reduced diameter head. Thanks to a sharp, wide and deep additional locking thread, boards are well secured preventing movement and eliminate those pesky squeaks. The package includes a Torx TX10 bit.

Optimaxx also produces Deckspacers for DIYers and pro users alike.

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