EFC International partners with REMINC

EFC International has expanded its focus on the global distribution of parts made by Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. (REMINC) Authorized Licensees.

EFC’s team of application engineers support customers with advanced engineering assistance, direct factory relationships and rapid prototype solutions, as well as extensive value analysis and value engineering services.

Matt Dudenhoeffer, President and CEO of EFC, said: “EFC, REMINC and REMINC’s Licensees look forward to this partnership knowing that end-users will benefit from our combined strengths.”

REMINC’s Licensed products include fastener brands such as the TAPTITE® family of thread-forming screws. TAPTITE® screws, primarily for metal applications, deliver increased performance and cost savings. They remove the costly labour, solvents, and time required for the thread tapping process in manufacture, as well as any external hex nuts, lock washers and related hardware required for assembly

Steve Kirkpatrick, President of REMINC, said: “Genuine quality parts with global availability are the backbone of REMINC’s business, and this mission dovetails perfectly with EFC’s commitment to the distribution of authentic, quality parts globally.” The group, together with its sister company CONTI Fasteners AG, has a global Licensee network with over 100 manufacturing locations worldwide.

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