FOCUS on drills, bits & cutters: FEIN, Milwaukee, Mandrex, BESSEY & Xuron

Hole saws, the next generation of cordless power drills, cable cutters and mag drills…Torque bores down into the detail with its focus on drills, drill bits and cutting tools.


Magnetic core drills, or mag drills for short, are an important tool for anyone involved in the production and installation of structural steel. They can also be a handy addition to the tool kit of anybody looking to drill larger diameter holes. Core drilling is an extremely efficient process which is faster, quieter and more accurate than twist drilling. Core drilling requires no predrilling or switching over of the tooling, and so drilling times can be reduced by over 50%, with minimal physical effort by the user.

Users likely choose a drill based on the size of hole and material thickness, but there may be some other criteria to look at. Most mag drills are fixed speed and manufactured in order to keep costs down; designed to drill a hole into steel. Fein invests more into most of its mag drills allowing the motor to deliver variable speed (except the KBB range). Variable speed and reverse functions are important if you have varying diameter holes to drill or are looking for a mag drill which can tap, ream or countersink.

There are many standard providers of mag drill in the market and Fein offers a number of models, including Economical, Universal and Automatic. Fein launched two new classes of mag drill in late 2017, ‘Cordless’ and ‘Compact’. The brand new AKBU 35 (Cordless) helps end-users who lack mains power on-site or who need to work at heights. If working in confined spaces a specialist rightangled mag drill would be needed, with a minimum head clearance of 169mm. The new ‘compact’ KBC 35 would assist, small enough to help get into tight spots.

Catch up with FEIN at Torque-Expo Coventry 2018, at the Ricoh Arena, 3-4 October.


Milwaukee Tool’s cordless range has grown with the next generation of its M12 FUEL Drilling and Driving solutions. Aimed at raising the bar for 12V performance, the completely redesigned M12 FUEL Drill Driver, M12 FUEL Percussion Drill and M12 FUEL 1/4” Hex Impact Driver are capable of performing a wide range of applications in the tightest of spaces.

Milwaukee claims that the M12 FUEL Drill Driver and M12 FUEL Percussion Drill are the most capable, lightest and most compact tools in their class. The brand adds that these are also the only 12V tools on the market with an all-metal 13mm chuck, giving them the power to perform a wide range of applications. Each features a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor that delivers up to 1,700 rpm’s and 44Nm of peak torque. Weighing in at only 1.2kg with battery and 167.6mm in length, both tools are extremely portable and ideal for overhead applications and offering improved access in tight spaces – aimed at mechanical, electrical, plumbing, remodelers and maintenance workers looking to carry a more compact, portable solution.


New to the UK, the Mandrex One-Click Hole Saw System is pitched as the first-ever multi-purpose arbor. Developed and manufactured in Holland, the Mandrex One-Click is distributed in the UK by APEX UK Co.

This uniquely designed arbor fits almost all hole saws on the market today, Torque is told. Using the threaded adapter supplied with the saws, the unique One-Click Hole Saw System means that whether it is a standard bi-metal or 8% cobalt saw or TCT Multi Purpose or Diamond DryXcut, changing the arbor takes seconds. These saws are deeper cut, enabling one pass in 47mm timber. Find out more directly from APEX UK Co.


BESSEY released a brand new catalogue at the start of this month. Now available in 11 languages, the new edition includes fresh products, including a first of its kind in the world, the GearKlamp GK, which conveniently masters clamping applications in a perfect way, even in the tightest spaces.

With an overview of the entire product range, the new catalogue leads users, dealers and buyers quickly and specifically to the right tool, with an illustrated table of contents and an alphabetical register. Individual clamping and cutting tools are clearly categorised into product groups, with technical data and images of the tools in a working environment, providing dealers with illustrative examples from the craftsmen's practice and thus support precise purchase advice. Also informative and helpful is the cutting technology dictionary at the beginning of the Erdi tin snips chapter: It offers everything you need to know for choosing the right cutting tool. The catalogue is available as a printed version and can also be downloaded as a PDF from in the download area.


Maine, USA’s Xuron Corp has introduced an ergonomic flush cutter specifically designed for cutting cable ties close to the head and making them safer to handle by preventing harmful spikes. The Xuron Model 2275 Cable Tie Cutter provides full cutting access along the entire length of its blades for unrestricted cutting surfaces and fast operation. Especially designed to leave smooth flat ends when cutting cable ties, it uses Micro-Shear bypass cutting action rather than compression cutting which often produces sharp spikes that can create a potential hazard.

Comfortable to hold in either hand to quickly and cleanly cut cable ties up to 7mm W, soft plastics and wire up to 2mm W, the Xuron Model 2275 Cable Tie Cutter features soft Xuro-Rubber hand grips, a Light-Touch return spring and no cumbersome finger loops. In addition to wire harness making and assembly, other cable tie applications include totes, signage, and general repair.