COMMENT: Social Impact and CSR

There is more to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) than just business, writes Ultratape Commercial Manager Craig Laing…?

What does your customer look for in a product and what do you look for in a supply partner?

These two questions are uniquely the same and are easily answered with words and numbers. As a business you must have confidence in the quality of the product(s) and know they and the service of the supplier, will be up to standard time after time.

The contractor wants a reliable, cost effective and safe solution. We need only look at the introduction of new legislation for the construction of high rise buildings in Dec 2018 to be reminded of the need for rigor and BS EN legislation.

When buying from Ultratape, all products have the required legislative standards which coupled with our ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation, means we give customers and consumers peace of mind. But as the title of the article suggests, there is more to Ultratape than just business. We are proud sponsors of Lord P. N. Guin (part of the fund raising Maggie’s Penguin Parade, which supports Maggie’s Centre, providing free practical, social and emotional support for people with cancer and their families and friends

Our participation in this fantastic initiative helped raise £540,000 to fund the running costs of the Dundee centre, thus enabling it to continue supporting families who are dealing with Cancer.
If your business sells tape and you wish to discuss how we can add value to you, we’d be delighted to help.