BRALO: Solving great technological challenges

Adaptation is key to success in the automotive market, and with three production and distribution facilities in key worldwide locations, BRALO is (literally) well placed to provide fastening systems for the automotive industry...

BRALO, manufacturer and distributor of fastening systems, has been working for over 35 years in the automotive sector to offer a wide range of high quality solutions, adapted to the requirements of its customers, which it incorporates in its production processes regardless of where they are carried out. Its three factories, located on three different continents (in Spain, Mexico and China), ensure the production and distribution of its products is wherever they are needed.

The automotive sector produces great technological challenges and BRALO responds to the expectations of the sector by creating innovative products with the latest technology. Its production factories are based on the highest quality standards, certified by an external certification body. BRALO is IATF 16949 certified enabling direct supply to OEMs and BRALO is ISO 14001 certified, supporting its commitment to environmental management systems.

A well‐established SE‐Team (Simultaneous Engineering) based on expertise of Quality, Manufacturing and R&D engineers ensure that products are a suitable solution to individual customer’s needs, focusing on values such as durability, safety and recyclability.

The automotive sector makes up 30% of production. All BRALO’s products are fitted inside and outside of vehicles: doors, airbags, seats, roof, dashboards, body, etc; and not just cars, but also trucks, buses or even heavy machinery. At the same time the materials, processes and coatings cover all costumer needs; no matter if parts need to be produced in aluminium, steel or stainless steel, BRALO has standard solutions and bespoke designs to cover specific needs according to the most demanding quality requirements.

In the automotive sector, adaptation is key to success, and BRALO is able to respond quickly. Another advantage of using BRALO products, either tools or fasteners, is the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. The design to production philosophy enables the manufacturer to fulfil customers’ requirements quicker than many others, the company says. And if there are any problems or changes are requested, the company has a very high speed response time.

BRALO has an innovative line of Visual Inspection Machines that perform product quality control to ensure a “0” failure commitment to their customers. The company ensures parts are delivered without defects and carries out a complete 100%-dimensional check on the most important dimensions.

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