Elesa goes green with 100% renewable energy sources

Elesa has announced that it has advanced its “Elesa goes Green” program after signing a ‘renewable energy’ contract with supplier A2A.

The “Elesa goes Green” programme means that the group’s Monza production plant will only use electricity from 100% renewable sources. The green benefits will then be immediately passed on to Elsa customers by reduction of CO2 in the supply chain, and thus improving their own carbon footprint.

Dr Andrea Bertani, Elesa Executive Director of Finance & Administration, said: "This supply will have a slightly higher cost but we believe that this and many other efforts must be made by everyone in the world to reduce global emissions as soon as possible and in any case bring them to zero within 2-3 decades. This is an objective and a challenge of a difficulty never encountered before by human civilization, and which can only be achieved if we all consider it an emergency and act accordingly.”

The “Elesa goes Green” program selected the Italian national electricity supplier, A2A, which favours hydroelectric energy produced with water from reservoirs located in the Italian Alps.

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