Screw manufacturer TENZ donates to WEiL charity

Graz screw manufacturer TENZ and its customers joined forces to do good in challenging times.

In mid-November, TENZ customers were given two options; Opt for a Christmas card or not and for every Christmas card not printed, TENZ pledged to donate €5 to charity.

The feedback from the customers was overwhelming, with a strong desire to do something meaningful and at the same time resource-friendly. The great feedback motivated TENZ to double the amount saved by the customers and so a sum of €1,860 was made available for a charitable cause.

The recipient was a very worthwhile cause: WEiL (Weiter im Leben or Continue in life) offers free help for suicidal young people.

TENZ said: “For many, the holidays are a very difficult time - for some they are even unbearable and people's hardships are further exacerbated by the crisis. Especially the psychological effects of the crises and the group of young people are largely lost in the public discussion. Therefore the donation went to the aid organisation WEiL."