How is the fastener industry approaching sustainability?

Sustainability, cutting carbon emissions and protecting the environment has never been such a focus as it has been in 2022.

Increasingly, the spotlight has been turned onto businesses, not least with customers questioning how suppliers are doing their bit to cut carbon emissions.

So, how is the fastener industry approaching the sustainability question? Torque Magazine has spoken with some of the top names in the industry and those around the sector for their take on the topic.

From green products, coatings and packaging to legislation, the supply chain, energy and more, we have presented case studies and expert opinions from key industry companies on sustainability, including:

  • Owlett-Jaton
  • fischer
  • Optimas
  • Carlo Salvi
  • Apex Stainless Fasteners
  • A Perry
  • Wastepack
  • Hafren Security Fasteners
  • TENZ
  • Kronus
  • ...and more.

You can read this special sustainability issue here.

If you want to share insights and news from your business on how best to tackle cutting carbon emissions, let us know here.