Owlett-Jaton: Structural timber fasteners & connectors, all under one roof

TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) refers to two fundamental types of mechanical fasteners for structural timber, depending on how they transfer the forces between the connected members, namely ‘dowel‐type fasteners’ and ‘metal connectors’. The strength and stability of any structure – irrespective of material, depends largely on the fasteners used within. Owlett‐Jaton offers a wide range of products designed for structural timber application, including roof trusses, stud walls, rafters, staircases and floor joists.

Nails are by far the most common mechanical fastener used in wood construction generally and can be found within structural timber, such as roof trusses. Owlett‐Jaton offers a plethora of nails covering types, sizes (diameters and lengths), materials, finishes and packaging options.

Hexagon coach screws (pictured top) and cup square bolts have been used extensively in such timber applications for decades. Their performance, universal usage, as well as being economically viable, make them an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Owlett‐Jaton’s range of hexagon coach screws conform to DIN 571 and are available in steel with a bright zinc plated finish, and grades A2 and A4 stainless steel. The stainless steel screws are ideal for external use.

Cup square hexagon (also known as ‘coach bolts’ and ‘carriage bolts’) conform to DIN 603/555. Owlett‐Jaton offers them in grade 4.8 mild steel in a bright zinc plated finish, or galvanised or grade A2 stainless steel (bolt only ‐ to DIN 603). The square under the head pulls into the surface, effectively acting as a brake; the nut can then be tightened without the bolt slipping.

As market demands and regulations change, new ways are continually sought to improve construction methods. An increase in the use of heavy‐duty fasteners, for structural timber applications is one of those trends. Providing fastening solutions that save time, ultimately reduce costs, too.

Timberdrive screws are a CE approved heavy‐duty fixing for timber applications. The hexagon head has been specially designed to be used in conjunction with a power tool. Designed for maximum pull out strength, Timberdrive screws are ideal for external, as well as internal applications.

Alternatively, Twistec screws from Owlett‐Jaton are CE approved and available in either countersunk or flange head; both types have a TX drive and a zinc and yellow finish.

In addition, Owlett‐Jaton offers a range of Teco branded builder’s metalwork designed for the structural timber sector, manufactured in the UK, including restraint straps, joist hangers, single and double‐sided timber connectors, angle brackets, truss clips, nail plates, fixing bands and timber frame ties. Many of these products are CE approved and certified for Factory Production Control by BM TRADA.


This article originally appeared in Torque Magazine’s July-August 2021 issue. Read the whole magazine online or subscribe here.