A Transformative Year for Warwick Racing

Warwick Racing

Since 2022, Warwick Racing have embarked on a transformative mission to rebuild their team and reaffirm their commitment to excellence.

Their goals were clear: to make the Warwick Racing team functional again through collaboration with Warwick Manufacturing Group and their supervisors, to promote the University of Warwick in various events, and to embody their educational ethos by fostering a safe environment for all members and motorsport enthusiasts connected to the team.

Warwick Racing also partnered with Optimas Solutions. Alongside providing engineering support through light-weighting, material selection and BoM analysis expertise, Optimas also supplied a wide range of fasteners and components to the team in varying lengths, diameters and materials.

As the much-awaited competition approached, the team felt confident in the immense progress they had made. Enduring a span of four consecutive rainy days, the team admirably engaged in a series of three dynamic tests and successfully navigated through four rigorous scrutiny assessments. These tests not only affirmed the car's safety but also verified its adherence to all regulatory requirements. The team adeptly passed examinations covering technical aspects, battery functionality, chassis construction, and tilt stability. As a result, the vehicle stood in full compliance with the stipulated regulations.

Warwick Racing’s performances in static events were commendable, and their Business Plan presentation earned a remarkable 96 out of 100 points, placing the team at an impressive 8th overall. Regrettably, Warwick Racing faced a setback on the last day as they couldn’t complete the Endurance event due to water-induced issues with the inverters, leading to the car’s retirement. The team take full responsibility for this oversight and see it as a valuable lesson that will propel them forward in the coming year. Despite this setback, Warwick Racing proudly secured a position among the top 15 EV teams, a testament to the hard work and dedication of their team members.

The team are very grateful to all their partners, with special acknowledgment to WMG and Optimas. Their unwavering support, resources, and intellectual assistance have been instrumental in Warwick Racing’s growth throughout the year. The team aims to nurture these partnerships further and strengthen them to achieve greater heights in the future.