toolant launches Four Spiral Step Drill Bits

toolant® has launched its new Four Spiral Step Drill Bits series, which can improve drilling efficiency by four times than normal straight flute step drill bits.

Step drills make drilling holes of varying sizes easier and quicker. For many years, there were only straight and up to three spiral flutes. toolant now brings new solutions to the market with its Four Spiral Design Series Step Drill Bits.

With four cutting edges, the step drill bits guarantee a faster and smoother cutting. Compared to the straight or three spiral flutes, the spiral groove significantly improves chip removal. Chips will result in significant heat build-up and cause the drill to burn out and get stuck. toolant® Four Spiral Flutes design provides a better solution.

The whole product line has been launched covering the most commonly used coating and base material including M35 Cobalt with TiAlN Coating, M2 High Speed Steel and High Speed Steel with Titanium Coating