Threaded Fasteners acquires Ricco Fasteners

Threaded Fasteners, Inc., has announced the acquisition of Ricco Fasteners, formerly owned by Elaine and Richard Guldin, located in Thomasville, Georgia. This move marks the seventeenth branch location for Threaded Fasteners and elevates their mission to create value in, and for the people they serve, as they position themselves for additional growth and innovation.

“We are thrilled that Elaine would entrust us with the legacy of Ricco Fasteners. I am humbled by her confidence in us to carry on their mission and bring the Ricco team into Threaded Fasteners Family of Companies. This acquisition may represent a significant step in our team as we continue to expand and invest in additional communities, but above all it is an opportunity for us to serve a member of our fastener community through carrying on the legacy that Elaine and Richard built,” said Billy Duren, President and CEO of Threaded Fasteners, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Ricco Fasteners has been a steadfast member of the fastener community. The acquisition will mark Ricco Fasteners transition into a Threaded Fasteners branch and manufacturing location.

Richard Guldin was the face of Ricco, spending time meeting with customers and building long lasting relationships. He was known as a people person and Ricco customers became much more than just customers to Richard and the Ricco fasteners team, they became friends and family.

“When Richard passed away in August of 2022, I felt that outpouring of love from them all. As devasted as I was by his loss, my focus moving forward was to make sure our customers would continue to receive the level of service that they deserved. Now it is time for a new chapter. I have entrusted Threaded Fasteners to continue the legacy of Ricco Fasteners and I have no doubt they will continue to build on this legacy,” said Elaine Guldin, Owner of Ricco Fasteners.

The integration of Ricco Fasteners’ expertise and resources will enable Threaded Fasteners to expand its current product offerings in Georgia as they continue to invest in additional locations across the United States.

“This acquisition marks a milestone in our continued plans to invest in additional distribution and manufacturing locations across the country. Together we plan to utilize the current wide range of Ricco’s inventory and manufacturing capabilities to further expand our product offerings to the Thomasville and greater Georgia area. We are grateful for the opportunity to invest in such a wonderful team and community,” said Jerrad Douberly, COO of Threaded Fasteners, Inc.