Safe, clean, tight and convenient lubrication from SnapStar

Anyone one whose job involves greasing knows the pitfalls - to the extent that a third hand would come in handy sometimes. Unless there is a secure fitting to the coupler, grease escapes (very messy!) and sometimes the couplers are hidden away so well that it is difficult to attach the grease gun securely.

Umeta’s solution to the problem is a freshly-designed grease coupler called SnapStar.

Using a 4-jaw snap-lock system the coupler is held firmly to the grease nipple. The user simply pulls back the knurled sleeve, places it over the nipple and releases it. This allows the SnapStar to grip the nipple firmly before pumping the grease. Release is equally simple.

The SnapStar also has a built-in pressure release valve to ensure the safety of the operator and no escape of grease. Since grease can be under a pressure of up to 1,000 Bar when greasing this is an important safety measure, as well as saving in clean-up times and costs.

The SnapStar comes with a 4-year functional guarantee that helps the pocket and the planet.

UMETA is one of the world's largest manufacturers in the field of lubrication technology and turned parts production. Since 1926, the company has been producing high-quality grease nipples, grease guns and numerous custom-made products in modern production facilities, still in Germany.