Rivit’s new range of hydropneumatic tools

Rivit has launched three new air-powered riveting tools for fastening blind rivets of different diameters on several types of surfaces. Lightness, power, precision and safety in a new range of tools featuring a competitive price and sustainable packaging.

The hydropneumatic riveters Series 400 are the latest innovation by Rivit, a company that for 50 years has been setting the standard for fastening systems in the industrial, construction and retail sectors.

The range consists of three references, RIV402, RIV403 and RIV406, all equipped with an ergonomic handle, steel cone, robust pull start button, air supply connection, integrated suction system, non-slip rubber base and semi-transparent container for collecting mandrels.

These are riveters designed to place blind rivets of different sizes on the most popular surfaces and materials: from plastics to wood, including electrical panels, building materials, solar panels and insulated roofs.

RIV402 is the entry-level model, featuring 18 mm stroke and 9230 Newton force. The range of blind rivets that can be placed by this tool goes from a diameter of 3.2 to 4.8 mm. Easy to use due to its light weight (1.3 kg), RIV402 is ideal for placing Goriv, Standard, Sealed, Treriv and Masriv blind rivets of the Emilian company.

RIV403 increases the range of installable blind rivets, including Multigrip and Fioriv kinds. The ideal blind rivets to place with this tool are those with diameter from 4.0 to 6.4 mm. The weight of this riveter is 1.45 kg which is still very low when compared to the performances of the tool; the stroke is 20 mm, with a force of 11800 N, thus ensuring excellent fastening performance.

RIV406 is the most powerful model, placing rivets with diameters from 4.8 to 6.4 mm, of the Standard, Sealed, Multigrip, Fioriv, Treriv, Goriv, Gtreriv, Rivbu, Rivinox and Masriv kinds. The stroke of the riveter is 25 mm and reaches a force of 18500 N. Weighing 2.10 kg, the tool is equipped with a more important mechanical structure than the other two models, allowing for more power to ensure high levels of performance in even the most challenging applications.

The three models come complete with nozzles of different diameters, balancer hook, air connection, oil syringe and 12-14 mm wrench included in the new eco-sustainable packaging, made of 100% recyclable cardboard.

The riveters Series 400 round out Rivit’s range of fastening tools, complementing the other models in the catalogue.

Like all Rivit-branded tools, the new 400 Series is also covered by the assistance and repair services that the Ozzano-based company offers to support customers.