Rivit presents a new hydropneumatic tool

Italian firm Rivit presents a new model of hydropneumatic riveting tool for rivet nuts, featuring exceptional performance in industrial applications. Ergonomics, power and dual adjustment of stroke and force are the key elements that make this new riveting tool for rivet nuts unique on the market.

The latest model presented by the Emilia-based company is at the top of the premium range of Rivit, which has specialised in fastening solutions for 50 years. Thanks to the enhanced motor, which guarantees a force usually obtainable only on tools with booster, the RIV943 finds its place in heavy carpentry and assembly applications for the automotive, railway and naval sectors. Also, the wide adjustment possibilities make the new RIV943 a machine not only powerful, but also flexible, therefore suitable to cover a wide range of fastening needs.

The elements that make this riveting tool for rivet nuts unique are: the one-stage operation that allows the rivet nuts to be deformed and unscrewed in a single step, the double adjustment of force (an impressive 32000 N) and stroke (10 mm) - adjustable by pressure switch and ring nut respectively -, the high-performance enhanced motor and the piston return valve (100% pneumatic). The latter feature allows for faster and more precise actuation, but also greater force output, increasing the machine's overall performance.

In addition, this riveting machine covers a wide range of applicable rivet nuts, from M4 to M12. The RIV943 is used with RIVSERT female threaded rivet nuts from M4 to M12 and RIVBOLT male threaded rivet nuts from M4 to M10.

RIV943 is supplied in a practical, fully equipped case, complete with a technical guide for maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing the machine.