Nord-Lock rewarded at Fastenal awards

Nord-Lock’s North American team has received the prestigious “Supplier of the Year” award from Fastenal.

Based on a thorough scorecard evaluating 25 different metrics, such as order acknowledgment, labelling and a range of others, Nord-Lock came out on top in a category consisting of 97 suppliers. So, in addition to their superior washers, the award serves to recognise Nord-Lock's simultaneous market-leading position for providing smooth, customer-oriented supply and customer services. A more detailed look at 2023 shows that the Nord-Lock team outperformed the competition in ten of twelve months.  

"When you pair a superior product with an incredible team, amazing things happen," says Shea Usher, Head of Sales North America. “So proud of my team and their accomplishment of being named 2023’s best-in-class supplier at Fastenal’s Supplier Awards." 

The award marks a milestone in the 20-year-plus partnership between Nord-Lock and Fastenal. The firm said: “With the award, Nord-Lock’s North America division heads into 2024 with an energising tailwind, inspired to improve on its already market-leading position in everything supply-related while continuing to offer the world’s safest bolting solutions.”

Nord-Lock recently announced the addition of CE marking to its wedge-locking washers.