New partnership to empower supply chain planning

Supply chain management software company, Kinaxis® Inc., and Blume Global, have announced a partnership that will connect Blume Global's logistics visibility and transportation management system (TMS) with the Kinaxis RapidResponse® concurrent planning platform. The result will be better alignment between supply chain planning and execution, enabling companies to quickly remedy, and potentially avoid, freight transportation disruptions.

Freight transportation disruptions are one of the most common - and most costly, forms of supply chain interruption. Organisations need agility across supply chain planning and execution to understand the impact of a shipment delay and be able to take action in time to mitigate the risks to cost and customer service. By combining Kinaxis' unique concurrent planning technique with Blume Global's TMS shipment data, companies will be able to generate new plans to quickly get shipments back on track and ultimately have improved supply chain resiliency.

"For nearly three years, the supply chain industry has been defined by uncertainty. That is likely to continue. While major disruptions used to occur every few years, we are now facing significant events annually – or even more frequently," said Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global. "Our partnership with Kinaxis will give customers around the world access to robust, innovative logistics planning and execution solutions so they can create agile processes that adapt quickly to even the most challenging circumstances."

As part of the new combined offering, Blume Global will synchronise core TMS shipment data to RapidResponse, providing real-time exception-based alerts that ensure customers focus on shipments and updated ETAs for shipments that exceed defined tolerance levels. From there, customers will be able to generate and execute alternate shipment plans with a full understanding of how the alternate plan will impact key performance measures.

"The intersection point between supply chain planning and execution has never been more critical. When a disruption happens, it's not enough just to be able to create a new plan quickly. Companies must be able to execute quickly as well," said John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis. "Our new offering with Blume Global helps companies do just that by delivering concurrent planning and execution, providing a new level of supply chain agility."