Hydrajaws launch new App

Hydrajaws, the manufacturer of hydraulic pull testers for load testing anchors and fixings, has released its new free-to-use App called Hydrajaws Verify PRO which is a digital reporting system that allows on-site pull tests to be automatically recorded and compiled into a digital report using a mobile phone or tablet device.

The digital reporting system allows users to measure and record pull testing results quickly and accurately. The app is designed to be used in a variety of industries, including construction, fall protection and marine.

The Hydrajaws Verify PRO version includes all the features of the previous subscription-based App, such as the ability to automate processes that allow for quicker testing and less set-up time, especially on sites with many identical repetitive tests to perform.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the PRO version of the Hydrajaws Verify App is free to download and can be used with any Hydrajaws Digital Gauge (issue 3).

“We are excited to release the Hydrajaws Verify App with no subscription required for the PRO version,” said Hydrajaws Managing Director, Stephen Hynes. “We have launched the free-to-access Verify PRO version as we believe this will make the reporting tool more accessible to a wider range of users and benefit our customers in terms of improving the traceability of testing and increased efficiency in generating reports.”

Hydrajaws has also launched a subscription-based App called Verify TEAMS which has increased functionality over the PRO version such as being able to enter clients, sites and tasks centrally as well as assigning tasks to engineers and viewing the schedule for all users via the dashboard. This is suitable for customers with a larger team of remote-based engineers and delivers high efficiency in terms of scheduling testing and generating client reports.

For more information about the Hydrajaws Verify App, please visit www.hydrajaws.co.uk/verify.