Hoffmann Group UK’s new green initiative

Hoffmann Group UK has announced plans to plant 10,000 trees over the next five years as it launches its new green initiative, in partnership with Ecologi.

The initiative, which will run until 2027, began with 500 trees being planted in Madagascar. At least 62 trees will be planted each month, with 50 of those being in the UK and the rest around the globe supporting worldwide projects. A further 500 trees will also be planted over the coming weeks in conjunction with the Royal Jubilee initiative, “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee” and World Environment Day.

Finally, the business will also plant one tree for each of their UK employees, and a tree for every GARANT GreenPlus product purchased by a customer. Hoffmann Group UK’s GARANT GreenPlus product range encompasses a variety of sustainable cleaning and adhesive bonding products that are environmentally-compatible, cost-saving and enable faster working.

Tim Paddison, managing director at Hoffmann Group UK said: “As an organisation, we recognise we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. This project will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrates the values we operate to. With the launch of one of our latest product ranges, the GARANT GreenPlus, that offers businesses environmentally friendly cleaning and adhesive products, this presented the perfect opportunity to make additional strides towards becoming a greener company.”