GM CNC To Debut New Machines at MACH 2022

The GM Group has announced that it will be introducing its new range of Victor machine tools at MACH 2022. Attendees at the MACH exhibition from the 4th – 8th of April can visit Stand 619 in Hall 19 to see the Victor machines. 

The Victor range caters for all industry sectors with everything from small to large machine tools with simple or complex machining solutions that can be tailored to the exact needs of the user. The GM Group will be giving show visitors a sample of this product diversity at MACH with the compact and automated Vturn NP20 turning centre with the Easy Way articulated robot loading/unloading system, the high-performance Vcenter AX380 5-axis machining centre and also the Vturn A26-85YCM twin spindle turning centre with Y-axis milling on the tooling turret. 

When it comes to turning, the Vturn range from Victor has precision, flexibility and productivity with high levels of rigidity and stability. The Vturn A26-85YCM twin spindle turning centre will emphasise this at MACH with its Y-axis milling capability and powerful twin spindle configuration for one-hit machining. The Vturn A26-85YCM has a 10-inch chuck with a maximum turning diameter of 351mm whilst a 75mm diameter bar can be pass through the headstock for barfed applications. 

The machine provides X-axis travel of 142.5+117.5mm with 850mm in the Z-axis whilst the Y-axis driven tooling unit can traverse +/-55mm. Within this spacious work, envelope sits a main spindle that generates 15/22kW power with a spindle speed of 3500rpm – this high level of power for heavy duty cutting is almost equalled by the 11/18.5kW sub-spindle motor. Complementing the power of the main and sub-spindle is a 4 (5.5)kW motor on the driven tooling turret. This high-torque motor drives the 12-station VDI-40/BMT-65 tooling turret at spindle speeds up to 3,000rpm.

With class leading power output from the turning spindles and driven tooling unit that is all manufactured in-house by Victor, the Vturn A26-85YCM is well equipped to conduct both heavy duty machining as well as cutting the most challenging materials in the industry with ease. This power is complemented by a heavy-duty machine base. The combined stability and rigidity of this 7600kg machine not only improves machining performance, but also enhances tool life, productivity, surface finishes and machine longevity.    

Like all machines available in the Victor range from the GM Group, the Vturn A26-85YCM is a completely flexible concept with end users having the facility to select from a range of options. This includes a 12 inch chuck, larger maximum turning diameter, length and through bore, different spindle motor configurations, CNC control units and more.