Foreign trade of east China's Jiangsu up 11.5%

East China's Jiangsu Province reported an 11.5% increase in foreign trade in the first seven months to 3.14 trillion yuan (about 465.8 billion U.S. dollars), official data showed.

Among the total foreign trade volume, exports rose 14.6 , year-in-year, to approximately 2 trillion yuan. In comparison, imports went up 6.6% to 1.15 trillion yuan, according to Nanjing Customs in the provincial capital.

Jiangsu's trade with countries and regions along the Belt and Road increased 15.1% to over 822 billion yuan, accounting for about 26% of its total foreign trade.

In the January-July period, Jiangsu's exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 1.3 trillion yuan, up 13.5%, occupying 65.4% of the province's total export value. Among the exports, solar cells, mobile phones, and lithium-ion batteries showed robust growth, up 84.6%, 121.6%, and 71.9%, respectively, said Nanjing Customs.

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