Ficodis of Quebec joins the Descours and Cabaud Group

This new alliance, based on complementary expertise and shared values, represents a decisive step in the deployment of the Group's strategy to consolidate its presence in North America says President Christophe Bevillard. Ficodis has expanded rapidly by joining the major players of the industrial supply sector in key regions like Quebec, Ontario and NE United States. On the back of this Ficodis will be able speed growth in terms of area and volume.

In areas where Ficodis was not previously present, this acquisition allows it to enter new markets and benefit from shared geographic coverage. As a result, Descours & Cabaud now has a total of 33 outlets in Canada.

The longer-term objective is also to build a consolidated offering based on the Descours & Cabaud Group's expertise in supplies and equipment for the construction sector on one side, and on Ficodis' specialisation in industrial maintenance on the other.

A Canadian partner like Ficodis offers access for many opportunities to develop the business as well as tap into a vigorous existing market where development opportunities remain numerous and where growth, which has been vigorous for several years now in areas such as public transportation, manufacturing and energy, is expected to continue in the months and years to come.

In addition to this announcement, Ficodis has resumed its growth in the United States with the acquisition of a second company based in the state of New York, Fremont Industrial Corp. Founded in 1984 and located in Long Island, the company specialises in the sale of security products. A recognized player in the transportation and municipal sectors, Fremont Industrial Corp.'s clients include the City of New York's subway and public transportation sevices. This acquisition complements the product portfolio already offered by U.S.-based branch Blue Point, another member of the Ficodis Group, which serves clients in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

The Descours & Cabaud Group, it has been active in the United States for over 40 years and in Canada since 2014, when it acquired Acier Ouelette and Acier Campi, two leading steel distribution companies located in Quebec.

In 2015, Outil Pac, a specialist in construction industry tools and equipment, joined the Group with its three sales locations in Montreal, Quebec City and Danville. A year later, Descours & Cabaud welcomed Intercity Industrial, a distributor of tools and equipment for the construction and industry sectors located in Thunder Bay, as well as Northern Safety, a personal protective equipment specialist based near Toronto.

In 2017, Ottawa Fasteners once again strengthened the Group's presence in Ontario with its offering of building supplies, fasteners, bolts and screws. Then, in 2018, Equipment World and Ontario Tools Fasteners joined the Group.

Ficodis is an industrial supply distribution group founded in Montreal in 2010. It has 20 sales locations in Quebec and Ontario, and in Long Island in New York State. The group is recognised for quality, service, technical expertise and products and solutions tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies. The Group specialises in four product areas: Tools, Safety, Cutting and Power. Ficodis also offers a complete range of quality tools under its private label Cromson, including cutting tools, hand tools, abrasives and other maintenance products.

Founded in 1782, over the years Descours & Cabaud is a leader in the professional supplies distribution sector. It is also a leading player in France and Europe as well as having a foothold in the USA.