Cees Fasteners now stock hoses and tubes

Cees Fasteners has announced that it now offers a wide range of hoses and tubes for use in multiple industries and applications. The company says that its product portfolio is especially suited to the needs of users in the food and beverage, agriculture, medical, oils, gases, liquid transfer and pneumatics sectors. Most of the range is available ex-stock for immediate dispatch from the Cees Fasteners base in North Hampshire.

Some hoses in the range are compliant with the European Regulations CE 1935/2004 and UE 10/2011, allowing use in the food and beverage industries. Other hose products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 3821, allowing use with oxygen and acetylene across a temperature range of +80°Celsius down to -25°Celsius. The company also offers a range of other hoses suitable for use in a wide variety of applications where temperatures might range from +93°Celsius to -50°Celsius.

The hoses are manufactured in a variety of materials and may be specified with various types of reinforcement on the inside, depending on the media being transported through the hose. The hose range is available in a wide selection of diameters and lengths as well as flat and round section. 

Cees Fasteners also offers a range of clips and clamps to complement each hose or tube depending upon individual specifications and requirements.