Bostwick-Braun elevates hardware business unit leaders

President of The Bostwick-Braun Company's Hardware Business Unit, Mike Gramke, has announced Rob Dilts as the unit's first-ever Director of Supply Chain and Damian Nicholson as Merchandise Manager.

Dilts will oversee all the Hardware Business Unit's supply chain functions and its two warehouse facilities. He will also identify how to best increase staff productivity and efficiency, analyse unit financial transactions, assist in vendor contract negotiations, minimise expenses and provide strategic planning input to senior management.

All Toledo and W. Helena Purchasing, Merchandising and Procurement personnel will report to Dilts, and he will work closely with Warehouse Operations to ensure clear communication and strategy between both locations. Prior to joining Bostwick-Braun Company's Hardware Business Unit, Dilts had over 30 years' experience in supply chain management.

In his 22 years at Bostwick-Braun, Nicholson served as a Customer Service Manager, National Accounts Assistant, Promotions and PRO Programs Manager and Regional Sales Manager. In his new role, Nicholson will guide the Hardware Business Unit's product strategy by developing and leading vendor selection, directing promotional activities and managing various store resets, and merchandising and design activities with key customers.

Nicholson will also serve as the liaison between the Hardware Business Unit's customers, field sales and purchasing and be responsible for setting expectations with vendors, evaluating new product lines and negotiating pricing.

"These new roles will help shape the design of our business moving forward," said Gramke. "I am confident in Rob's and Damian's abilities to drive the changes needed for our unit's continued business growth."