Böllhoff heading to fastener, tool and fixing B2B show, Torque-Expo 2024

Böllhoff is bringing its extensive range of fasteners and brands to Torque-Expo 2024, which runs for one-day-only on 14 May 2024 at the Telford International Centre.

Böllhoff is exhibiting as a joint venture between its General Industry Division, and its Standards Division.

Bollhoff UK General Industries will be promoting ONSERT, HELICOIL and RIVNUT with tooling available for demonstration.

  • ONSERT – The fastest and simplest solution for bonding fasteners and fixings to all surfaces.
  • HELICOIL – The original Wire Thread Insert for Thread strengthening and thread repair.
  • RIVNUT – The original and strongest captive thread insert for all materials.

And, Böllhoff GmbH – UK Division, who will be promoting its full range of metric fasteners to DIN / ISO standards in a variety of materials and finishes.

You can find all that at the show in just over two months time. Registration is now open and you can see the rest of the growing exhibitor list on the official site