BHETA webinar on HIMA’s Retail Report 2023

A HIMA advisory webinar covering off DIY market insights into the Worldwide Home Improvement Retail Report 2023 takes place courtesy of BHETA on September 12 from 1pm to 2pm.  The report, which is an updated version of the annual report which is available via EDRA/GHIN, HIMA and Dähne Verlag, will be available to purchase following the webinar. 

Following an introduction from HIMA’s Piet De Coninck, the agenda will cover:
Overview of Complete Report
Practical Presentation and Report Utilisation
Supplier Testimonials
Global DIY Report and DIY Retailers Database
Overview of Availability and Pricing

Organised by HIMA, the international trade association body, of which BHETA was a founding member, the session is open to all BHETA members.

Keeley Vernon, BHETA’s sector manager for DIY and garden commented, “This is an amazing opportunity for BHETA members to get an in-depth insight into market conditions and opportunities in DIY and garden.”