BHETA Hosts Sustainability Compliance Webinar

BHETA is hosting a webinar on January 25 which aims to give delegates an in- depth insight into Environmental Social Governance or ESG, currently a fast-moving area of legislation and compliance reporting. The session starts at 10.30am and is presented by Alexander Twibill, Marketing Director of BHETA business service provider, the HQTS Group and Richard Jones, Managing Partner of Cambridge Sustainable Investment Partners.

The webinar will cover the driving forces, including changing buyer behaviour, new reporting requirements, regulation, business model and strategic impact, providing help and guidance on this increasingly important subject.

Alexander Twibill has been working in the supply chain industry for many years across procurement, quality assurance, e-commerce, and trade. He has deep understanding of the needs and concerns of western companies regarding supply chain management in Asia regarding the current and future ESG environment. Richard Jones has lived and worked in many countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, and ran a wholesale transactional bank focussed on trade flows with emerging markets.  He established Cambridge Sustainable Investment Partners in 2019 with leading ESG experts from business and academia.

BHETA Marketing Director, Steve Richardson said, “Environmental Social Governance is increasingly high on every company’s agenda from both a sourcing and reporting point of view. I’m delighted that BHETA has the contacts to furnish members including SMEs who may not have such resources in house with the vital information they need to ensure compliance.”

Delegates can register on the BHETA website