BHETA highlights EPR challenge

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BHETA is hosting two webinars on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) (packaging sustainability) in September, to keep members informed of the likely impact of the new legislation.   

EPR is set to be launched in the UK in 2024 and will have a significant impact on all supplier companies. EPR is currently forecast to increase packaging PRN costs by between eight to ten times. Under current proposals, the burden of paying for recycling for branded products will move from general taxation, retailers and suppliers predominantly to suppliers.

Paul Van Danzig, Policy Director at Wastepack will outline all the supplier implications of EPR on 13 September. On 15 September, Paul Field, Toolstation Quality Assurance Manager, will talk about the impact for suppliers and retailers thus far and the looming EPR regulations proposed by Defra for implementation in just over a year. 

These events will provide the opportunity for companies not sure if they need to comply with these regulations to find out if they are affected and what they need to do about it, as well as helping to establish grounds to lobby on the fairest way forward. Following both presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the speakers.

BHETA’s marketing manager, Steve Richardson commented, “Sustainability is a critical topic from every point of view and packaging solutions are a big part of the solution, and of the debate. In other words, it is vital for all suppliers to get packaging right for the future and this series of events, of which there will be four more, is an excellent way for BHETA members to ensure they are up to speed, and ideally ahead of the game.”

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