8 days of strikes to disrupt UK’s largest port

A dispute between the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company and workers will see a strike hit the port from Sunday 21 August to Monday 29 August.

The dispute, focusing on pay, has seen talks between the two fail. Over 1,900 workers will take part in the strike.

Felixstowe is the UK’s largest container port and 48% of containers brought into the UK are transported via the port.

Unite said: “The Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company failed to improve on its offer of a 7% pay increase, which is significantly below the real (RPI) inflation rate of 11.8%. Industrial relations were already strained as workers only received a 1.4 per cent, below inflation, increase last year.”

Unite went on to accuse Felixstowe docks and parent company CK Hutchison Holding Ltd of prioritising “delivering multi-million pound dividends rather than paying its workers a decent wage.”

The port said: “We are disappointed and regret that despite our best efforts we have still been unable to reach an agreement with the hourly branch of Unite. During talks yesterday the port further improved its position offering a £500 lump sum in addition to 7%. The staff branch of Unite and the Police Federation of Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company have agreed to put a similar offer to their members.”