2023 Fastener Training Institute Schedule Announced

The Fastener Training Institute (FTI) has announced its 2023 Training Schedule with more in-person classes. The schedule consists of nine in-person classes, three Fastener Training Weeks, webinars and specialty classes at Fastener Fair and the International Fastener Expo.

Webinars for Metric Fasteners Part I and 2 will start the year off on January 19 and 26. Fastener Basics, will be held in person in San Diego, CA on February 9, followed by Product Training 1, 2, and 3 classes on March 16, April 20, and May 11 in Los Angeles. Additional in-person classes and webinars are planned throughout the year.

The 2023 Fastener Training Weeks (FTW) will be held April 3-7 in Cleveland, OH; August 21-25 in Chicago, IL and December 4-8 in Los Angeles, CA. These advanced technical training programs are offered in partnership with Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) and are for fastener distributors, manufacturers, and end-users. Each week offers five intensive days of education and plant tours as part of the FTI Certified Fastener Specialist™ (CFS) advanced technical training program. After completing this industry training in a small group environment and passing a final exam, attendees are eligible for the Certified Fastener Specialist™ (CFS) designation.

Those unable to attend a full week but wanting to pursue CFS designation can take individual classes that count toward the credential. In 2023, these day classes will be held in Los Angeles from June to September.

Instructors, Salim Brahimi, IFI Director of Engineering and Technology, and Laurence Claus, IFI Director of Education and Training continue to bring expert knowledge and experience to FTI’s students. Co-founders of AIM Testing Laboratory in San Diego Rob La Pointe, President and CEO, and Carmen Vertullo, Vice President of Business Development, will also provide instruction during FTW and La Pointe will teach the one-day CFS classes.

To view the entire FTI 2023 Training Schedule and register visit www.bit.ly/3EFFi1C. Discounts are available for Pac-West, NFDA, IFI, MWFA, NCFA SFA, AIM Prime members for in-person classes.