Microgleit appoints Christian Kaiser as Managing Director

Microgleit GmbH has appointed Christian Kaiser as Managing Director effective from 1 June 2020.

Founded in 1997, Microgleit is known for developing, manufacturing and distributing a range of innovative grease pastes, sold film coatings and other speciality lubricant technologies, on a global scale.

Kaiser has a strong background in coatings technology and has previously worked as COVENTYA’s International Product Manager for its corrosion protection technology and product line. Additionally, Kaiser played an integral role in the merge of both companies since the beginning of Microleit's joint venture with COVENTYA in 2018.  Together with the two co-founding partners, Symbert Greppmair and Eckhard Belschner, Kaiser will be responsible for the corporate strategy and continued worldwide implementation of these technologies.

"We are pleased to have found in Mr. Kaiser the ideal candidate to continue the success story of Microgleit, without losing our customer orientation and agility. With 39 years of age, 20+ years of professional experience, expertise and creativity, Mr. Kaiser will be instrumental for Microgleit advancing to the next level under the roof of the international COVENTYA Group," said Greppmair and Belschner.