Bulten is looking for a new CFO

Bulten's Executive Vice President and CFO Helena Wennerström has resigned, leaving the role on 30 September 2020.

Wennerström has worked for Bulten for 18 years, taking on the EVP and CFO roles in 2014. Prior to that, she was CFO of FinnvedenBulten. Through the years she has played a very important role in Bulten's growth journey and development, the group said.

“Helena is a key person in the company," said Anders Nyström, President and CEO of Bulten. "I regret that she chooses to leave Bulten, but of course I respect her decision and would like to thank her for her significant efforts for the company and wish her all the luck for the future."

Helena Wennerström added: “After 18 years at Bulten, I feel it is time to make room for new talents which is why I have announced that I have chosen to leave Bulten and take up a position outside the company. My years at the company have been exciting and challenging but above all, fun. I am very proud of being a part of the history of Bulten and my conviction is that Bulten and its team will grow even stronger in the future.”

The recruitment process for a successor will start as soon as possible.

Bulten's 2020 has seen the firm acquire PSM International,  and launch a range of energy efficient fasteners - named BUFOe.