TENZ wins Red Dot Design Award for "Peek Box" wood screw packaging

Austrian-based wood screw manufacturer, TENZ, has won a Red Dot Design Award for the "Peek Box" packaging of its new wood screw; a first for the industry.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world, divided in to three disciplines: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept.

The packaging design offers something a little different to the norm, with the screw head serving as a button for opening the presentation box, piquing the interest of the customer. The hinged lid allows a first look at the TENZ Stairs patented thread form, which is accented with red paint. The screw can also be turned around its own axis within the packaging to demonstrate functionality.

The design came about through a collaboration between packaging specialist A & R Carton and design agency Moodley Brand Identity, both from Graz, Austria.

TENZ's new low-energy wood screw features Stairs Thread Technology to ensure fast, easy work with reduced energy input while users and application tools are protected by child-friendly screwing.

Professor Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, said: "Everyone who comes to the Red Dot through the harsh judging process has every reason to be proud of themselves, because the jury only awards our award creations of high design quality, so I am all the more pleased to congratulate the winners on their deserved success."

To find out more information about TENZ's new wood screw, go to the website and the newly implemented online shop.