Stanley launches "most powerful" angle-lever cordless nutrunner

Stanley Engineered Fastening has extended its B-Series cordless tool line to include the B44L angle-lever cordless nutrunner.

Launched through its Stanley Assembly Technologies arm, the B44L uses a 60-volt DEWALT Flexvolt battery which makes it "the most powerful cordless nutrunner available to the assembly market" according to the brand.

Balancing speed, power and an extended run time of 180 watt-hours, it performs high-torque, fastening jobs, ideal for assembly applications in the heavy truck, transport, agricultural and mining industries.

It can store data for up to 500 fastening cycles and two trace sequences. A built-in controller with wireless capability allows for integration with the plant's existing comms system.

“Truck chassis, trailer bodies, agricultural and mining equipment fastening tools must perform in tough work environments. Ensuring fasteners are tightened to the correct torque specification during the assembly process is critical to keeping the equipment running reliably,” said Thomas Ehrhardt, president of the global automotive division at STANLEY Engineered Fastening. “That’s why the B44L sends the operator audible and visible feedback to confirm the fastener is set properly, adding another layer of quality control to the assembly line.”

Deanna Postlethwaite, director of global product management at Stanley Assembly Technologies, added: “The addition of the B44L rounds out the B-Series cordless tool product line.

“Now operators can choose from a variety of size, weight, speed and torque configurations to meet the unique needs of their fastening applications. We have solutions for lightweight and heavy-duty fasteners — and everything in between.”