STAHLWILLE unveils patented 'best of both worlds' electromechanical torque screwdriver

STAHLWILLE has released details of TORSIOTRONIC, an 'electromechanical torque screwdriver' that the firm said is a world first.

As seen at the Cologne Hardware Fair, TORSIOTRONIC is pitched as the only electronic torque screwdriver to feature a genuine mechanical trigger mechanism, which gives the user an unmistakeable tactile stop signal when the digitally set target torque has been reached. At the same time, an acoustic 'stop signal' sounds. This compact tool is ideal for all screw tightening when maximum accuracy and logging functions are required.

Just like the tried and tested electromechanical torque wrenches from STAHLWILLE, these new torque screwdrivers aim to provide the best of both worlds: the many advantages of digital, including extremely accurate, torque measurement for clockwise and anticlockwise tightening, coupled with the proven tactile benefit of the “click” from a mechanical trigger mechanism – in both directions.

The intuitive operator guidance system with its easy-to-use menu structure enables the tool to be used quickly and effectively without the usual steep learning curve. All the parameters required for the fasteners to be tightened can be set quickly and logically using the four buttons in conjunction with the bright OLED display, which also scores due to its broad, user-friendly read-off angle. A visual appraisal of the tightened fastener is given not only on the display but also on the laterally positioned LEDs. If the electromechanical torque screwdriver is connected up to a PC running the STAHLWILLE SENSOMASTER 4 software via the micro-USB interface, users have a large number of additional options. Whether an individual fastener or a series of complex work sequences, they can all be set up in advance and transferred to the tool.

And a further benefit is that the TORSIOTRONIC supports companies that need to document every individual tightening operation – for example as a component of their quality assurance. The electronic torque screwdriver is capable of storing 2,500 tightening jobs and sequences. All the data can then be read out and transferred to a PC later, using the micro-USB interface, for processing and archiving.

STAHLWILLE said the mechanism comprises a newly engineered, very accurate STAHLWILLE fine-toothed ratchet with 80 teeth. Thanks to the large number of teeth, the resilient precision mechanism has a tight ratchet angle of only 4.5° for excellent control, combining smooth, quiet action with outstanding load capacity. The core of the electromechanical system is a virtually wear-free trigger mechanism. As soon as the preset tightening torque is reached, the screwdriver triggers with tactile and audible signals. A further benefit of this pioneering STAHLWILLE development is that the electromechanical trigger mechanism does away with springs. As a result, it is not necessary to reset to “0” to release a coil spring – as is the case with conventional torque screwdrivers. And that saves time for the user of the TORSIOTRONIC.

The electromechanical torque screwdriver is equipped with a 1/4" hexagonal tool mount and can be used in conjunction with standard bits. The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic and the display and keypad are splash-proof. The integrated rechargeable cell is replaceable. The tool is to be available from the third quarter of 2018 for four torque ranges: 12–120 cN·m, 30–300 cN·m, 60–600 cN·m and 100–1000 cN·m.

“With the TORSIOTRONIC, we have, once again, achieved a worldwide première,” enthused STAHLWILLE CEO Winfried Czilwa. “Thanks to this tool, end users can finally benefit from greater process capability and accuracy as well as comprehensive logging and programming functionality, without having to dispense with the tactile stop signal, which can easily be perceived even through gloves, that is provided by the mechanical trigger mechanism.”