Stabila unveils new laser measuring line-up

In addition to a new catalogue, German brand Stabila has unveiled a fresh range of measurement tools, including laser distance measurers.

The LD 220 is pitched as an easy to use laser distance measurer, with large digits and four basic functions: length, area, volume and continuous measurement. Delivering quick results, the LD 220 is encased in Stabila shock-absorbent and soft grip casing and was designed for measuring up to 30m.

The LD 250 BT is a Bluetooth enabled laser measurer for direct data transfer from the laser to a smartphone or tablet. The free Stabila Measures app lets you transfer measurements directly to photos of the building site or drawings. It's designed for measuring up to 50m.

Stabila's Multi-line laser LAX 400 features a 360° horizontal line for marking, alignment and levelling around the entire room. Two vertical lines form a 90° angle and a knob on the housing is used for fine adjustment of the lines. The laser lines can be pivoted to a target position without losing the position of the plumb-line dot. Ideal for accurately positioning partition walls with U-profiles. A stable aluminium housing cover to protect the horizontal laser optics.

The Cross line plus plumb points laser LAX 300 is for marking out the floor, wall and ceiling all in the same step. Users can work directly on the laser lines at distances of up to 20m. It features compact rotatable housing with an extendable foot for height adjustment.

Stabila's electricianʼs spirit level Type 70 electric allows for users to measure and marks out switches and sockets in a single work step. There are ed caps with anti-slip stoppers at both ends for a secure grip.

Finally, the Mini-format spirit level Pocket Electric is a compact unit for direct alignment of switches and sockets. The rare-earth magnet system allows for strong adhesion to metal objects.