Rapierstar fastener expertise supports Glazerite’s growth

Support by Rapierstar, including fastener stock management and guidance on correct fastener application, is helping The Glazerite UK Group Ltd to maintain its position as a leading UK trade manufacturer of VEKA and Halo windows and doors.

The company has partnered with Rapierstar for more than eight years. This long term collaboration has enabled the development of a bespoke stock management system for fasteners, as well as consumables such as tapes, silicone, PPE, drill bits and also bespoke special parts.

With production plants at Wellingborough, Peterborough and Bolton, Glazerite is able to serve installers across the UK. Rapierstar supports these factories by ensuring that production lines are supplied with the correct fasteners for each of the assembly processes, eliminating the risks of product substitution or disruption to production in the event fasteners running out.

Chris Price, Group Procurement Director at The Glazerite UK Group Ltd said: “Our customers have come to depend on superior quality finished products which are delivered on time as planned, and working closely with the best supply chain partners is really important in maintaining our high standards in order to provide credible warranties to installers. We value the service that Rapierstar provides and the contribution they make to delivering on our vision by keeping production on track and ensuring our windows and doors utilise the best components, right down to the smallest fastener.”

Mark Calpin, Technical Consultant at Rapierstar said: “Our supply chain partnership with Glazerite enables us to provide a full consultancy service by supporting innovation, providing technical assistance and working with purchasing and operations to put the most effective logistics and supply processes in place. It is a service that is ideally suited to large volume window and door manufacturing and one that makes a positive contribution to manufacturing efficiency, product quality, customer service and good profitability.”

Operating from its 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution centre near Macclesfield, Rapierstar works with customers across the UK and Ireland to provide a complete product range, competitively priced and delivered next day.

To find out more visit www.rapierstar.com or call +44 (0)1260 223311.

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