Q-Bot invests in components and supply chain help from Accu

Q-Bot has invested in components and supply chain management help from Accu, to support recent contract wins and the development of new technologies. This investment will support the group’s decision to roll-out a new generation of robots.

When selecting a component partner to supply parts for use within the robots, Q-Bot looked beyond the ‘traditional’ options in the sector and opted to partner with digital supplier Accu. Since, Accu has created a bespoke system for the supply of screws, gears, pulleys and belts for use in Q-Bot’s robotic drivetrains, which manoeuvre the robots.

As the firm grows and scales up production, digital supply chain management has become increasingly important. Accu has implemented a more efficient supply chain process by ensuring that production lines are supplied with the correct fasteners for each of the assembly processes, eliminating the risks of product substitution or disruption to production in the event of fasteners running out.

Chris Hamblin, Senior Engineering Manager at Q-Bot said: “Working closely with our supply chain partners is really important to us, because it ensures the reliability of our robots within the application. Accu has really impressed us with the quality of their products, their pricing, and their fast and reliable delivery. We value this service and their input on our prototyping.”

Antony Kitson, co-founder and technical director at Accu said: “At Accu, we have an incredibly strong network of manufacturing partners, and we leverage this to our advantage, meaning that we are able to control the supply chain and provide a dependable service to our clients, such as Q-Bot. It is satisfying when we supply to such a unique and innovative company like Q-Bot, and we look forward to seeing what they do next.”

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